Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Believe it or not, fake walls are the perfect solution for any size room… and for residential as well as business use. The most obvious reason for a fake wall is to divide a single room into two smaller rooms, without the cost and permanence of installing a new wall. This use is most common for those living in an apartment or renting a home. If your landlord won’t allow you to make any changes to your residence, a fake wall will provide the answer you are looking for without any damage.

Or, even if you do own your own home, a fake wall is a temporary room divider. This is great for kids’ rooms (especially if you have children who are sharing a room.)

You may be thinking that a fake wall has to be a flimsy, small room divider. Nothing could be further from the truth, although these types of room partitions are especially useful and popular in the office. Yet in a residential location, you might be pleased to know that a fake wall can actually appear to be a real wall.

Fake walls can be just as stable as a real wall… with the only real difference being that fake walls can be installed (and uninstalled) much easier and affordable than a real wall.

One of the greatest money saving benefits of the installation of a fake wall– and one that gives fake walls a leading advantage over installing a real wall– is that you can find a fake wall that includes a door and windows.

Customizing a Fake Wall

You can customize a wall to match your expectations. Perhaps you would like to section off a piece of the living room near the kitchen and have a dedicated dining room without distractions? Or perhaps you would like to section off an area of your home to create an additional room such as an office. The options are endless– but in any case, it is much smarter, safer, and cost effective to consider installing a fake wall (with all of the bells and whistles) over the more permanent and expensive alternative.

Because fake walls offer the same flexibility as a room divider, you can easily expand the room available in your home without devoting several months of home improvement. When you leased a fake wall, you can choose to have it professionally installed for you.

Furthermore, you can customize your fake wall even more by painting the wall to match your room. In some cases, you can order the wall to be painted for you. You can hang pictures, shelves, etc. There are no limitations with a fake wall because, ultimately, it is a wall in your home… for less than a fraction of the cost and time, it would take to install a “real” wall. So if you have been looking for a cost effective home improvement solution that will create extra space, consider the professional installation of a fake wall.