Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Before having a temporary wall installed, it is important to plan ahead how the furniture will be arranged, where the wall and the door will be installed and which way should the door open. When ordering a wall it is important for us to have a copy of this plan. There are four ways in which you can provide us such a plan:

  1. Fax/Email us your floor plan.
  2. Try our FloorPLAN Designer
  3. Fax/Email us a rough sketch.
  4. Fill in our Floor Plan Template Form.

Door Guidelines: Doors should swing into the bedroom in order to avoid accidents (if you open the door out to the common area you might hit someone). We recommend to do so even though you are trying to save precious space. Doors should swing towards the wall that is close to them, in order to make the best use of space.

1. Fax or email us a copy of the floor plan for your appartment. Mark on it wall,door location

2. If you don’t have a floorplan, you could draw a rough sketch

3. Or you could use our template


  1. Choose option A or B regarding door placement & swing.
  2. Fill in text boxes (connected to arrows) with the measurements (feet & inches). Includes wall length, ceiling height and where you wish the wall to be installed in relation to external wall.


Contact Information

Door placement & swing

Option A - Right hand door

Option B - Left hand door