Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Partition Wall Panel Extras

According to your needs, partition wall panels with windows for ventilation and more light or a variety of other openings, from frosted glass to French doors.

We can also provide you with noise reducing insulation and can paint your partition wall panels to match existing colors (you can paint them yourself as well).

In addition, we offer closets for your partition wall panels. A standard closet is about 4′ wide, has a top and bottom shelf, a hanging rod, and a door, making our walls a true “temporary room” solution.


A basic temporary wall (partition wall panel) typically takes four hours to install. The larger the wall, the more time it takes. Also, other factors can increase or decrease time (difficult access, crown moldings, etc..). But regardless of your situation, it will almost never take more than a day.


The difference between our temporary wall and a “real” wall is that our wall is not attached to the existing structure by screws (or anything else.) This allows a true “temporary” solution, as no existing structures are damaged by fasteners.

Another difference is that a regular wall is smooth, whereas our walls have small moldings on the seams between the wallboards (every 4′). See pictures for details.


The temporary wall is 4.75″ thick and held in place by applying pressure between the floor and ceilings (much like a car jack). Around the wall it will not be sealed tight, preserving existing walls. The temporary wall is very stable and very strong.