Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Are you outgrowing your space? Maybe you’re stuck in a one bedroom apartment or condo and wish you had opted for the two bedrooms. Or perhaps you rent a small office and need to make room for that new hire. Either way, if you’re thinking expansion, you can benefit from installing pressure walls.

You don’t need additional square footage

Usually, people like yourself upgrade to larger homes because they’re operating under the assumption that they need a larger space. But more often than not, what you really need is an extra room. That’s where our pressure walls can help. With pressure walls from Room Dividers NY, you will:

  • Convert a single room into two
  • Better utilize your square footage
  • Save tons of money

See, it’s not about adding square footage. It’s about not wasting what you have. Call us now at (718)366-0665 so we can discuss how you can start dividing up your space.

Add space without remodeling

Traditionally, adding a room to your living or business area requires tearing out sheetrock, framing new walls, repainting… you know, basically rebuilding your home. And unless you’re a carpenter, remodeling entails hiring a general contractor. So not only are you paying for parts and labor, but you’re also paying for the contractor’s profit and overhead. Who can afford that?

Room Dividers NY offers a different option. Our pressure walls are:

  • Non-invasive—You don’t have to tear out or nail anything. They use pressure to stand sturdily in place.
  • Cost-effective—No need to pay a contractor a fortune. You pay less for the temporary wall and we install it at no additional cost.
  • A quick solution— Not looking forward to waiting around weeks for your additional room? No need to. With our pressure walls, you get a new room in a matter of hours.

And the best part is, if you eventually decide you want to convert your space back to its original state, you can do it with ease. Since pressure walls require no intrusive construction, once you remove them, no one will even know they were there.

Increase your space now

Room Dividers NY has the solution to all your space-related problems. Contact us now at (718)366-0665 to see how we can help increase your space!