Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Do you want to add a new room to your space without spending the money on a complete remodel? Do you wish you could just cut one of your rooms in half? Room Dividers NY offers pressurized walls to do just that.

Pressurized walls are temporary room dividers that can fit in any room. Once installed… POOF! One room becomes two.

Ideal for your apartment

If you’re living in a one bedroom apartment, chances are you wish you had an extra room. Adding a pressurized wall to your bedroom suddenly changes your one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom apartment. What can you do with this new space?

  • Set up your own office space or study
  • Have a nice, cozy place for guests to sleep instead of in your living room
  • Get a roommate to help split your rent—it’s a money maker!

And adding the temporary divider won’t hurt your apartment one bit. So your landlord stays happy.

Call us now at (718)366-0665 so we can help you split your space.

Create an extra office

Pressurized walls aren’t just for home use. Our dividers offer the perfect means for the small business owner to add a new office space. So if you have a new employee coming in and can’t figure out where to house them, partition one of your offices and give them their own work space. They’ll be happy to have their own office and you’ll be happy because it barely cost you a thing.

Are you self-employed? Maybe you have an office that’s bigger than your needs require. Consider installing a pressurized wall and share the space with someone else. Not only would you be cutting down on your overhead, but you’d be helping out someone else in the process.

In this economy, don’t waste your hard earned money on remodeling for expansion. Instead, take advantage of Room Dividers NY’s pressurized walls at a much more affordable cost.

Make use of that extra space today

Don’t waste your space. Get a pressurized wall to maximize your square footage. Contact us now at (718)366-0665 to discuss how we can transform your home or office!