Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Usually when a large room is divided into two rooms, the newly created bedroom will not have a closet. We can install a built-in closet. It can be in any size, depending on how much closet space you need and how much space from the room you are willing to sacrifice. We can arrange the shelves and the hanging rods however you need it to be. We can use a standard door, or if you want to save space, we can do it without a door or with a bi-folding door, accordion door, or sliding doors.


  • Usually done with bi-folding door. Also available with accordion door, sliding doors, sliding mirror doors
  • 4′ – 6′ wide.

Large Closet

  • ~8′ long.
  • Available with sliding doors, sliding mirror doors, bi-folding doors.
  • see more pictures on the photo album page. Pictures 51-54.


  • Size: 4′ wide, 7′ high
  • sliding mirror doors
  • Available also with regular sliding doors (not mirror) and bi-folding doors.

Shelf & rod

up to 6′ long.