Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

A Convenient Alternative to Office and Residential Renovation

Room divider walls are the perfect way to create new rooms and private areas for both residential and office property. Whether your family has outgrown the number of rooms in your home or your office space needs more private areas, room divider walls can be an extremely practical alternative.

Room divider walls differentiate themselves from cubicles and traditional room dividers due to the fact that they do not require any modification of your existing structure. This means that if you rent or lease and do not want to modify the existing structure in any way, room divider walls can easily be installed without screws, bolts or other harnesses.

Room divider walls utilize the power of pressure to stay in place for long periods of time. In fact, room divider walls are very sturdy and you can even hang objects such as pictures and mirrors, or paint it so that it fits seamlessly with your living or work environment. Room divider walls are quite easy to have installed. On average, installation takes about 4 to 5 hours; complicated installations may take a bit longer, but are usually completed within one day’s time. This is far less time than a typical renovation or remodeling.

Room divider walls are quite thick; they are 4.75 inches in width and customized to fit your space. Unlike cubicles, room divider walls range from the floor all the way up to the ceiling (either 8 ft or 10 ft in height). Room divider walls also come available with accessories such as doors, windows, insulation, and closets.

Room divider wall doors come in many styles including standard, frosted glass and French door styles. They are created to fit any office or residential interior so that they are not only practical in creating private space but look visually appealing. For better light and ventilation, room divider walls also come with the ability to easily add windows. There are a variety of styles available, each customized to fit your specific space.

Sound Insulation is also available. The insulation used for room divider walls is mineral wool. This insulation is an option that is inserted within the wall and requires no extra space. For those that would like to create a fully functional room with the help of room divider walls, closets are available. Closets consist of a separate door, hanging bar and shelf. This is an ideal solution for anyone that requires not only privacy but separate storage space as well.

It’s extremely easy to get started, in fact, most room divider walls can be ordered and installed within a 3 week period and at certain times during the year, the period required can be as quick as one week. Regarding cost, room divider walls are a much more affordable option than a permanent renovation and results in absolutely no damage or modification to your existing structure.

There are many situations that require the ability to create new private living or work areas in one’s home. Unfortunately for many people, drastic renovations or even slightly modifying the existing structure of the home is out of the question. For those that require a practical, convenient and affordable alternative to residential renovations, creating a comfortable living space with a room divider wall is probably the solution you are looking for.

The difference between a room divider wall and other types of partitions is that a room divider wall gives you all the benefits of building a new wall in your home without modifying the original structure of your home. This means that your landlord will not be upset and you won’t have to risk losing your security deposit. In addition, a room divider wall fits seamlessly in your home and is visually appealing.

With a room divider wall, you can easily add a totally new room in your home in order to add functionality. Many add a room divider wall to create a separate bedroom for a second child, other use a room divider wall to create a new workspace or hobby room. The uses are endless. With a room divider wall, you can create a separate room in less than a day. Installation in most homes is extremely easy and since a room divider wall is not pre fabricated, customizing a fit for each living space is a feature of the product.

Another great way to add functionality to your room divider wall is with the many accessories that are available. Some of the accessories available with each room divider wall installation are doors, windows, the ability to add a closet and insulation.

It is so easy and convenient to make a new room in your home and with the above accessories; your new room divider wall is extremely appealing visually and can fit seamlessly into your interior. Your room divider wall can be painted in almost any color by you or us and objects such as pictures and mirrors can easily be attached to the wall. A room divider wall is sturdy and has a width of 4.75 inches. The interior of the wall can be filled with mineral wool insulation that can keep sound muffled just like a normal wall.

For those that like to live and work in a light airy environment, your room divider wall can come with one or several windows in a variety of configurations. Doors can also help you to accessorize your room divider wall with frosted glass, standard door styles and even French door styles.

It’s so easy to create new and truly functional living spaces with the help of room dividing walls and with great materials and installation, your room dividing walls doesn’t have to look like a temporary solution. For those that are either unable or rather skip renovating a home to add a wall, room divider walls are an extremely livable alternative.