Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

It’s easy to create new living and work space with the help of a Room Divider. Today, you no longer have to settle for ugly cubicle style dividers or worry about damaging your home or office’s preexisting structure. A Room Divider is an extremely convenient, practical and affordable way to add a high quality, visually pleasing wall to any home or office environment.

A Room Divider for Business Environments

One of the most appealing reasons to install a Room Divider is to create privacy for you or your employees. A Room Divider gives you the benefits of a real wall without the expense and extensive modification to your office’s structure. This means you don’t have to worry about your security deposit or upsetting your landlord and for those that don’t have weeks to remodel an office; a Room Divider can be properly installed in less than one day.

Professional Installation of a Room Divider

Our Room Divider installs with ease and utilizes pressure in order to stay in place. Via pressure, your Room Divider will stay in its place, be very sturdy and will not require the need of special harnesses, nails or screws. Installation on average usually takes about 4 to 5 hours which is ideal for those that don’t have time for distraction or for their work space to be extensively remodeled. Because a Room Divider is created on site, you can count on a customized fit every time. In fact, the only measurements you need is your ceiling height and the length of the wall you would like.

Regarding configuration, no matter how your office is designed, we can create a Room Divider to fit your exact workspace. Once installed, we can paint your wall to match your interior (or you can paint it on your own). Your wall is extremely sturdy with a thickness of about 4.75 inches. Adding accessories such as glass doors, French Doors, windows, insulation, etc.. can be easily arranged.

Room Divider for Residential Spaces

For those that require privacy or would like to create additional living space the Room Divider is perfect. The Room Divider is an affordable solution that is also great for those renters that need to create new living spaces without upsetting their landlord or losing their security deposit.

Residential Room Divider Benefits

No matter what size apartment or home you live in, you can easily create a new room or work area using a Room Divider. Room Dividers are sturdy structures that fit nicely in almost every home. Since they resemble real walls and can be painted in almost any color, a Room Divider blends well with the surroundings. For those that would like to create a new room, a Room Divider can even come with great features such as a closet, windows, and doors. Since a Room Divider is not prefabricated, we can build a Room Divider to fit your exact specifications and layouts of your residence.

For those that require privacy or would like to use their living or work space more effectively, a Room Divider is the perfect wall partition.