Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Room Dividers are much more sophisticated than cubicles or normal (usually awful looking ) partitions. Room Dividers give you the flexibility and convenience of creating private rooms without unnecessary modification of existing room fixtures.

Room Dividers give you the look and feel of a real wall without having to use screws, bolts or other modifications to any physical structures. Room Dividers are 4.75 inches in width and can be customized to a variety of lengths. Whereas partitions or cubicles only divide a room to a certain height; Room Dividers go from the floor to the ceiling, giving you the complete privacy.

Room Dividers stay in place utilizing pressure. This means no drilling, no screws, bolts, etc.. are used to connect the walls to the existing structure. Room Dividers are very sturdy and are perfect for real world use. In fact, you can easily hang pictures or mirrors on your temporary wall or paint it any color so that it blends in with your work environment.

Installation is quick and extremely convenient. A usual installation takes on average about 4 to 5 hours. In some cases, it may take a little longer, but should never be longer than one day. Because Room Dividers are not prefabricated, we can customize and modify the wall to fit almost any work space. You no longer have to stop work or be distracted for days in order to create a private space.

One reason Room Dividers create such comfortable work spaces is the long list and configuration of accessories available. For instance, you can easily add a wide range of doors to your Room Dividers. Whether it is a plain door, a door made with frosted glass or French doors, your walls will look visually appealing. For those that require lots of light and ventilation in their new room, Room Dividers come with the option of installing windows within your Room Dividers. There are many configurations available to fit each work space perfectly. Other popular accessories include closets that measure 5 feet in length and have their own door and sound insulation that can be inserted into the interior of the temporary wall to minimize noise similar to a normal wall.

One of the great aspects of installing a temporary wall is the cost. Room Dividers are an affordable solution that requires much less cost than permanently renovating an office. For those that require a temporary solution or do not want to upset their landlords by significantly modifying their office space, Room Dividers are the practical and affordable choice. Since Room Dividers are customized to fit each space, it is best to request your own customized price quote.

For offices that require private work space without modification to existing structures, Room Dividers are the visually appealing, affordable and convenient alternative.