Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems


Expecting a child? Congratulations! Our walls are a perfect solution to add a room for a nursery.  It is much easier to have a temporary wall installed to create a new room in your current apartment, rather than deal with the hassle of looking for a new apartment. If you are closing up a portion of your living room or a dining room alcove, we can add sound insulation to our walls so that when you are watching TV at night or have guests in your living room, you will not wake the baby. We can also install a window at eye level so that you can look in on the baby (you can put a curtain on the outside so the light will not go in).

Temporary walls for your home are perfect room partitions if you are a renter and want to remodel a space without upsetting the landlord.


The family is growing, not enough bedrooms? Until you have the time (and budget) to look for a bigger apartment, give the kids a sense of privacy by installing Room Partitions in the bedroom giving each child their own space.

Condo / Co-op

If you own an apartment in a condo or a co-op it is much easier and faster than to go through the process of really changing the apartment permanently.

Private Houses

Converting your garage into a game room or extra living space? A temporary wall for the home can close off garage work areas or laundry areas giving the rest of the space a more finished feel.