Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Here are a few of the nice things our customers have said about us and our temporary walls in letters and e-mails.


Rose Jackson Heights, Queens

Just had a combination of wardrobe and bookcase with frosted door installed yesterday in my living room and I loved it. I have been hesitating for over a year and I'm glad I went for it. Charlie and George did a fantastic job! Thank you RoomDividersNY.

D Midtown

OMG I am so very sorry that I am giving this thumbs up review 4 years later. ROOMDIVIDERS DID AN AWESOME JOB when I ordered their services back in 2011. Their customer service was great, down payment went smoothly, and the men were superb came in and out within 2 hours the job was done if I can remember correctly. The divider that I had put in was to divide my living room in a 2 bedroom apartment, making it into a 3bedroom apartment. I was able to rent out the other 2 rooms. Boy did this help and the job was done so professionally you would have thought the divider was part of the apartment or something. Also the divider that I had put in LEFT NO MARKS that's right you heard me correctly it had no marks. It was one of those compression dividers. Anyway I've been traveling from state to state and overseas to India since 2011 so sorry for the late review. Better late than never. Keep up the great work you guys maybe one day I'll use you again in the future

New York Times

If you need a divider that does a better job of shutting out noise (because your partner is a fan of late-night television), there are companies that can install a temporary floor-to-ceiling wall that seals off the bedroom completely. These walls are custom-made with steel framing and wallboard, and are held in place by pressure. Since they are not intended to be permanent, they are usually leased rather than sold; when you move, the company simply pops the wall out and hauls it away. Room Dividers NY (, 800-919-7369) will install a temporary...

Yoni O. Upper West Side, NY

Room Dividers NY are a professional group of people who excel at what they do, the team was courteous and kind from the beginning to end of process. The customer service was kind and quick, and the installers were precise and did a great and clean job. I highly recommend this company. Thanks again

Jessica L Financial District

The installers were very nice and extremely professional.

Kim W Battery Park City

Just want to drop a line and thank you for the wonderful job your company did. My roommate was sleeping on a futon in full view of every guest and myself. It really was a stressful situation. We tried everything, from sheets to folding doors, but nothing really provided any kind of privacy. Until you guys, that is. I never even knew a solution like yours existed - a real wall. Incredible. Now we have a nice "two bedroom" place, and we couldn't be happier.

Mark and Pat Midtown

Now we can afford to live in the city! Yea!!

Jeremy K Newport, NJ

My business partner and myself, while great friends, were really getting on each other's nerves during the workday due to being in the same office. Until you put the wall up. We get much more done now, in a better state of mind. Thanks a ton!!!

Conrad M Midtown

You have been very informative and prompt