Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

A wall partition is a great alternative to building a permanent wall in your home. With a wall partition, there is no need to drill holes, use harnesses or modify your existing home or office. A wall partition uses pressure to stay in place. It is quite sturdy and can be installed within four to five hours. For those that require a new room, there is nothing easier or more convenient than creating a private room with a wall partition.

Unfortunately, many office spaces and apartment renters would love to build a new room, but are contractually not allowed to do so. One alternative is to add a wall partition. A wall partition does not rely on modifying the existing structure to stay in place and thus is perfectly acceptable in any home or office. Once your lease is up, we can remove your wall partition with no damage to the existing floor, walls or ceiling. A wall partition is a great way to add an extra room without having to lose your security deposit.

Not only is a wall partition a practical solution to creating a new room, but it can be customized and configured to meet your exact needs. Accessories include a wide assortment of doors, windows, a closet and insulation for sound muffling. You can easily paint your wall partition any color (or allow us to paint it) and it blends with almost any environment.

There are plenty of commercial and residential uses for a wall partition, some of them include the ability to temporarily create new office space, create a second bedroom, create a hobby room, divide up a large room among many employees- each having their own privacy, create a room for storage, etc.

If you think adding a new room with a wall partition is time-consuming- think again. You can easily create a new room in your home or office with a wall partition in about 4 to 5 hours. Forget about a construction crew spending several days or a week in your home or office to build walls. A wall partition can be built on your premises with ease and without the mess of construction.

For those looking to add a new room, a wall partition can be ordered over the phone, no need for someone to come down to measure. Wall partitions are not pre fabricated, which means that they are built on site and customized for each space. We only need to know the height of your ceiling (usually 8 or 10 feet in height) and a general length of the wall you would like to be built.