Room Dividers NY Temporary Wall Systems

Wall partitions of the past were little more than room dividers that were bolted to the floor or existing walls. Most looked extremely ugly and felt as though you were enclosed in a cardboard box. Today, new types of wall partitions have been created with comfort, aesthetics, and convenience in mind. You can create an entire room with wall partitions that look great, rise from floor to ceiling and amazingly do not require any modifications or renovation to the existing structure of your home or office.

Wall partitions are a great way to create more functional space. Whether you require a new bedroom or hobby room in your apartment or need to add a private room in your office space, wall partitions are a practical alternative over old style room dividers.

Wall partitions are very sturdy and extremely versatile. They measure a full 4.75 inches in width and can come insulated with mineral wool to muffle sound. Wall partitions use pressure to stay in place, so there is no need for unnecessary drilling, screws, bolts or harnesses. If you live in an apartment, this means no need to worry about upsetting the landlord or losing your security deposit. When you are ready to move, it can be removed with absolutely no damage to the existing property.

Wall partitions go above and beyond normal partitions used for cubicles. Since wall partitions create a new room, additional accessories can accompany your wall partition such as doors, windows, a closet, and insulation.

Wall partitions are usually thought of as a generic looking flimsy wall that is installed for temporary use, While these types of walls still exist, our wall partitions are extremely high quality, sturdy and extremely visually appealing. In fact, you can paint your wall partition and hang objects on it such as pictures or mirrors in order for it to blend in with your interior (whatever style it may be). Wall partitions are an extremely practical alternative for those that require privacy or a new room without modifying or renovating your existing office or living space.

Installation of wall partitions is another big feature. In most cases, a wall partition can be installed in about 4 to 5 hours. Since wall partitions are not pre fabricated, they can be customized to fit your room perfectly. In most cases, we only need to know your ceiling height (whether it is 8 or 10 feet in height and the general length of the wall partition you require).

Wall partitions are not only convenient to install but a much more affordable option than renovating a home or work space. Not only does it cost a lot of money to build a new wall in your home or office, but the time it takes and the clean up required can be extremely distracting.

If you are looking for a convenient alternative to building a wall in your home or office, wall partitions truly are an innovative way to create a new room with ease.